Hunter Site-Ins

An excellent Hunter Site-In opportunity is conducted by the 4 Corners Rifle and Pistol Club on dates immediately prior to the four rifle hunting seasons.

The Outdoor Range is closed to regular activities between 9am and 4pm on these dates. The dates will be set to coincide with each year’s hunt dates, and will appear on the Club Calendar in this website.

  • Targets, sand bags, rifle rests and shooting assistance are provided by the Club. The distance is 100 yards.
  • The Club charges a fee for this activity, currently $7.00 per rifle.
  • Eye and ear protection is required and is to be provided by each shooter.

A good time is had by all …. site-in assistance is available if needed …. and the forest is quieter and more peaceful prior to your opening day!

Flyers will be at all local sporting outlets giving dates prior to site-ins.

Join in on club activities!

Check the calendar to find out what’s happening.

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