Rifle Range Events

There are three separate events. All are open to the public

  1. Plink-Off/Sucker Shoot:Open .22 rimfire rifle event
    • Divisions: Scope – 4 power or less, open sights, aperture sights
    • 70 round course of fire – standard velocity ammo
    • Standing and sitting at 25-yards
    • Targets – suckers and then some targets for score
  2. .22 Open Benchrest:.22 rimfire rifle competition
    • Divison: Heavy weight, Mid weight, aperature
    • 80 round course of fire plus sighters
    • ARA targets used for score at 50-yards
  3. Open Centerfire Benchrest:.22-30 caliber centerfire rifles with no muzzle break
    • 35 rounds plus sighters
    • 100, 200 and 300 yards

Juniors must have hunter safety course certification.

Contact Marlo Cota or Gary Kyle through our contact page for more information.

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