April 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 4/26/22

The meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:27 with the pledge of allegiance.

17 Members present

Club secretary Jenn Reynolds read March minutes – motioned and passed – updated by Charles about indoor range gate – was not Ty Cox that left gate opened.

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the treasurer’s report – Ending Balance 95,992.61 – motioned and passed

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the 22-23 budget.  Balance at 68,995 – motioned and passed

Anita – letters from Wittington – thank you for sending them.

Roger asked for copies to put in for the justification for the public use grant.  Brought up talking with state reps.

Charles Jeter – gate and data breach – concern over data

Charles Thompson – calendar update

Curtis Nelson – update gate code

Ron Serabia.  April 14-15 – replaced outdoor sign.

Roger – indoor range – comfort air.  Request ID heaters needed to be replaced.  Took pictures and sent – expecting quote any day for grant request for heaters.

Gayel – Gun Show

  • Total # of ppl – 2627 entrants. 1k less than last year.
    • Stimulus + post covid
    • Right on course from 2019
  • Improvements – Paid for the sign, paid for scopes for hunter – not in current numbers
  • Profit – $6600
  • Change in hours – 4-8 (F), 9-5 (SA), 10-2 (SU)
    • Vendors want to go back to 3 days
    • Don’t like floors (echo)
    • Like bathroom updates
    • Like table layout
  • Fewer gun vendors
  • Background checks expensive @ $35
  • Redesign the flyer – ppl know doesn’t open till 4 or 5
  • Not happy with CREA advertising this year – not putting ads out where they will do better.
  • Background checks
  • Redesign application to highlight certain policies
  • County was great – helped out even more than usual due to lack of CAP
  • The volunteers were amazing!!!
  • Roger – change in internet question – the Internet was wonderful.
    • Charles didn’t hear any complaints from fellow vendors.
  • No reports of theft
  • 98 background checks
    • $17.50 / background check (cost to Ron in labor)
    • $10-15 / for the background check
    • Small profit
  • Next month – ask members and board to allow Travis and Tom from KP Pawn to talk to the board and members. Insurance and State Statute.
    • Tom is a long-term vendor – bought into KP Pawn
      • Over 10 yrs
      • Brought in KP pawn 2 years ago
        • 1st year – did their own background checks
        • 2nd year – all guns must stay at gun show until the end of the show unless sold.
          • KP Pawn was violating that by playing a layaway game
        • Board decided not to allow KP Pawn at the gun show
        • A letter was written to KP Pawn
          • Explained state statute, insurance, etc…
          • Priority mail April 8 – arrived April 11.
            • Called on April 21 – upset about the decision.
          • Radio add – said the gun show railroaded KP Pawn and that they were holding a competing gun show at the pawn shop.
            • Lawyer for defamation
            • Asked Travis directly about radio add
          • Gave 3 tables on Saturday to Tom
            • Used our FFL this time.
          • Email from Tom explaining that Travis doesn’t understand gun shows.
        • Roger – doesn’t want KP Pawn to ever return.
        • Discussions about insurance and state statutes.
        • Complaining about multiple background checks.
      • April 21-23, 2023
        • 4-8 Friday
        • 9-5 Saturday
        • 10-2 Sunday
      • VIP did not produce the expected numbers

Target frames – Jim Kingery broke them down and is fixing them.

Shaun Carruth – RV Place.  Wants to help out – keep an eye out.  FFL dealer

Norm Jr. Shooter – go over old stuff.

  • Raffle $3205 (roughly $2100 in profit)

New  – Steve Selph – erosion problem at 3 gun range.

  • Gayel will donate some gravel to the range.


Adjourned – 8:26 – motioned and passed.

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

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