February 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Pistol Rifle Club 2/23/2021

The meeting was brought to order by President Joe Butterfield @ 6:30 with the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 21 members present who introduced themselves.

Anita presented the treasurer’s report which was motioned and passed.  Ending club Balance for the month of February is $88, 215.55

Old Business:

  • Joe presented a request from the Dolores County Fair and Fairgrounds for a $150 donation. Donation does include a sponsorship ad in the Dolores County Fair newsletter.
    • Motioned – Seconded and Passed with no objections.
  • Gun Show – Gayel Alexander:
    • Date change for the banner is ordered, and an application to hang banner above Main street is being sent in.
    • Insurance was purchased for August 2020 – August 2021. Waiting to find out if we will need to purchase additional insurance for a second event in a years’ time.
    • Cortez Retail Enhancement approved an additional $2k in advertising dollars for the show. Advertising on Radio to hit the target audience.
    • Gayel made a call for volunteers.
    • Vendor Concern: A vendor also invests in a local pawn store and purchases 7 tables at the show regularly.  The vendor has its own FFL license and does not want to use 4CRP’s designated FFL vendor, which is required by liability insurance.  The vendor takes the gun outside and sends a customer to a pawn shop to run FFL, which violates the terms of the agreement to participate in the show.  Gayel requested advice for moving forward.  The club agreed that if the vendor does not want to abide by the rules, then they are not welcome to participate.
  • Chuck Wark – Outdoor Range
    • Suggests that it is time to change the target shed lock code.
    • Concerns: Is this needed?
    • If it is warranted, how do we get the word out, and it would necessitate a change and reprinting of the membership card, and remailing cards already mailed out.
  • Mike Upchurch – Vice President
    • Reported that he has put in a request to have Representative Bobert make an appearance at the Gun Show. He is awaiting an answer to see if she has room in her schedule.
  • Jim Kingery – Indoor Range
    • 3 more weeks of pistol league, after which Saturday mornings will be available for trainings inside the range. There will be enough targets for next year’s league as well giving the reduction in participation due to Covid and ammo shortage.
    • There are lots of training going on
    • The propane tank has been filled and should last until next Fall
  • Norm Bowie – Jr. Shooters
    • Grand Junction recently was able to get access to their range, Montrose is up and running and Gunnison is trying to get their club reactivated. Gunnison’s challenge is not getting support from local gun club.
    • They will be shooting through the first of May, then will be done for the season.
    • Admitted 7 new shooters, and is trying to bring 2 more in.
    • Invited club members to come watch on Thursday and Friday evenings to show support.
    • Currently has 30k rounds of ammo which should be enough to last until mid next season.
    • Missed NRA grant, but is still expecting to have raffle at the gun show. Is currently looking for a rifle to raffle off.
  • John McHenry – Director
    • Nothing New
  • Mic McPherson – Director
    • Nothing New
    • Thanked Executive Committee!

New Business:

  • Officer Elections
    • Tim Hunter called for officers to be voted in by acclamation as there were no write-in votes and no nominations from the floor
    • Officers:
      • President – Mike Upchurch
      • Vice President – Joe Drago
      • Secretary – Jenn Reynolds
      • Treasurer – Anita Mayhew
      • Indoor Range Director – Mic McPherson
      • Outdoor Range Director – Chuck Wark
      • Board of Directors – Roger Lawrence, Larry Percell, Jim Kingery
      • Shooters Director – Norm Bowie
    • Crackshot Newsletter
      • A volunteer stepped up to replace Susa Kelley after her retirement.
    • President Joe Butterfield was presented with a plaque for his 2 years of service as president for the 4CRP.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:24 pm

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

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