January 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 1/25/22

The meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:30 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance

19 present

Secretary Jenn Reynolds read the November meeting minutes – Minutes motioned and passed

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the Treasurer’s Report –

  • Ending balance for December 2021 – $86,357.51 – motioned and passed
  • Ending Balance for Jan 2022 $83,017.55 – motioned and passed

Chuck – Talked about damaged target stands

Jim Kingery – Nominations – see handout – call to help Chuck out.  Motioned and passed.

Roger – Grant Funding

  • Automatic target retrieval? Nice Electric bought Summit building.  Junked the target retrieval system.  $25-30K
  • The roof
    • Selling old roof materials can offset the cost
  • 1 unisex restroom with hot water instead of 2 gendered restrooms.
    • Might need city approval since City owns the building.
  • City probably won’t cost share – refused to cost share the septic tank in the past
  • Roger’s wife used to be mayor/city council – talk to city council to see about cost share

Jr Shooter

  • Rotary club grant – $1000. Got 10 scope mounts with grant money. Part of the money came from the rotary club, some came from a private donor.  Makes everything all the same now.
  • Raffle tickets were printed up to see for the new rifle. Browning T bolt with scope. Drawing on the last day of the gun show.
  • Everything is normal – waiting to hear from Montrose on the competition date
  • Waiting to hear on NRA grant for 10K rounds of ammo.

Leopold – Mic – 30% discount.  3 scopes for apx. $400/scope for hunter sight in.

  • Need to buy tripods for new scopes – moved to buy tripod – seconded – passed to look into the price.

Gayel – Gun Show

  • 29 tables sold for the gun show
  • CREA – only gave $1500 for advertising instead of $2500
  • Because we’re changing times and dates – need extra advertising to make sure people know. Use extra $1000 to do extra advertising.  Motioned – passed.
  • CREA – banner across main st. They aren’t going to let gun show put in application for both advertising and banner. Banner for hunter sight in??  won’t let us do both hunter sight in and gun show funding.  They will hang banners for each, just won’t fund both.  $3k is for buying the banner.
  • City hangs the banner.
  • Banner for hunter sight or advertising for 2023 – losing advertising $$ for gun show anyways.
  • Advertising for gun show – goes radio station, Facebook,
  • Describe what CREA does and their purpose
  • Belong to group in NM – advertises on Web – also on NRA gun show site
  • Asked about food vendors and silent auctions – asking businesses to donate right now might not be a great idea because of Covid.
    • Ask about vendors donating items was suggested.
    • Want to try VIP instead of silent auction – silent auction is passe
  • Norm – Make extra point to make sure everyone knows there is no shopping on Sunday
  • Swag bags – quote 250 in blue – $397.50. 500 – $795.00
    • Sell for $2

Dolores County Fair Grounds thanked for support – Rodeo, Facebook, Advertise for us

  • Donate $50 / approved

Training Director

  • Asked Brandi to be training coordinator – motioned and passed

Roger Lawrence – project for grant.  Current restrooms are not ADA qualified – might be leveraged with the city.

Pistol League – Very competitive fall season.  Workday 1/29/2022 to replace cardboard.  Think about earmarking money from events for hats, plaques,

  • Will work with Anita to get money breakdown.

Motioned and second adjournment @ 7:53

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

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