June 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 6/28/22

Meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:29 with the pledge of allegiance.

14  Members present

Club secretary Jenn Reynolds read May minutes – motioned and passed

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the treasurers report – Ending Balance: $99,704.25  – motioned and passed

Outdoor Range Events – Anita – WATR 23 showed up.  Comments – Clarification on timeline for targets “dragging”.  Looking at eliminating plain targets.  Profit of $145

  • 5k rounds of ammo from NRA – $475 towards t-shirts.
  • Some rifle failures
  • 2 bolt action rifles from NRA foundation for backups if needed.

Charles – Indoor Range

  • Calendar is current
  • Can give Andrew keys? Norm needs to make keys and will get an extra made for Andrew.
  • Swamp cooler works now – Norm fixed. Need to turn water on in ladies’ room in order for swamp cooler to work.

Norm – 15k rounds of ammo for Jr. Shooters.

  • Need 25K to make the season. Has not received 10k rounds from NRA grant yet.

Gayel – do we want KP pawn at next month’s meeting.

  • Yes – schedule for July meeting.
  • Signs advertising – $300/yr to advertise the gun show. An inexpensive way to advertise year-round – motioned and passed.
  • CREA didn’t hit a lot of relevant radio stations with their gun show advertising.
    • Sales tax – certain percentage of sales tax goes to CREA to help advertise retail stores in Cortez.

Outdoor Range – Ron Serabia

  • wooden target frames are shot up
    • log form to start tracking data about how often frames are replaced.
  • being disrespectful
  • household trash in trashcan

Trainer vetting

  • Motion to approve Andrew and Brandi as instructors
  • Tyson Cox – CCW – Lucky Irish Tactical – will need to do the paperwork for CCW, not for internal police/sheriff business

Anita – Luann memorial sign – do we have a budget.  Will talk to Reflections in Metal to get a price.

Gate problems – temp zip drive. – Jenn will research extreme temp zip drives for purchase.

New member – Dean moved from Virginia.

German Family – wanted to check out the range.

  • Philip Hermsmeyer offered to take them to the range
  • Officer at club in Hamburg Germany.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association

  • Questions about what they do and who they are.

Rob Serabia (helping Chuck) August – Annual Picnic – Replace tables at the outdoor range??

  • Need to finish spraying weeds at the pistol range and 3 gun range.
  • Gayel mentioned spending event money on new tables.

Move to adjourn at 7:46

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Next Club Meeting - Tues 1/30/24 @ Indoor Range @ 6:30 Sign up for gate orientation to get your key card

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