March 2022 – Meeting minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 3/26/22

Meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:31 with the pledge of allegiance.

23 Members present new members introduced themselves

Club secretary Jenn Reynolds read February minutes which were motioned and passed

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the treasurer’s report – Ending Balance 94,593.26 – motioned and passed

Joe Butterfield – 100 club of Montezuma Cty. 501c3 – immediate cash resources who are KIA – first responders –

  • May – Golf Tournament fundraiser – previously club has donated $1000 – Joe is asking for another donation. May 21-22
  • Member – previous president of rotary asked to have 100 club present to them.
  • Motioned and passed

Outdoor range gate – Jenn

  • Sherriff department using emergency code to practice.
    • Need to change the code.
  • Suggestion from Joe to give generic prox card for deputy use
  • Andrew – Shift Lt./ Sgt. gets a card
    • Make someone responsible for the card that deputies need to check out.
  • Roger – do we let them use it anytime, or do we require them to use it only for scheduled events?
    • Taking advantage of the club??
  • Charles – investigated the Indoor range – may have been Ty Cox with a CCW.
  • Member – First responder discount???
  • Ron – Ctz police and fire district have key
    • Have code

Roger – Grant funding

  • Got ahold of a person who runs parks and wildlife grants
    • ?? – don’t give grants to private range??
    • Explained the community benefits – jr shooter, hunter site in, 4H
    • P&W says we qualify based on community benefits.
    • May 1 – looking for projects.
      • Indoor – talked to the city. The city pretty much agrees that we can do anything as long as through contractor
        • ADA-compliant unisex bathroom
          • Getting bids – state requirement for the grant is matching 50/50
        • Replace heaters
        • Roof?? – Is the city partially responsible for payment??
          • Need to check the contract to see who is responsible.
        • Outdoor range projects
          • Internet and cameras
          • Lighting
          • More solar panels??

Jr. Shooters – Norm

  • Request 314.00 for trophies – motioned and passed
  • March and April are busy with competitions and practice
    • Montrose 19-20. 45 competitors
      • GJ, Montrose, and Cortez
      • Cortez kicked butt!!!
    • Cortez April 9-10 – Jr. Shooter event.
    • GJ – April 30 – May 1
    • May 6 – fun night and end of season
  • Friends of NRA grant – fully awarded
    • 10k ammo
    • Scopes
    • Gun
    • Earplug
  • Rotary – 1000k (previously reported)
  • Kiwana – $500
  • Elks – $300
  • Students only have to come up with entry fees

Gayel – Gun show April 22-23

  • Pass around volunteer sheet to ask for volunteers
  • Insurance – haven’t gotten a hold of Anita for payment yet.
  • Farmer’s telecommunications – instructed by montezuma county to pull internet. May not have reliable internet???  Can get wifi temp for the gun show through Farmers for plan B??  Will get back to us.
    • Ron with RDF – 298 guns at the gun show. Wants 2 hardwire internet
    • Do we have an agreement with the county that requires internet?
  • 98 tables sold
  • Can’t get a hold of CAP to see about tables
  • Advertising – CREA is starting to do advertising – still lower than previously so are needing to use show money to subsidize.
  • Osprey Optics coming back with 10 tables
  • Will talk to Jim McClain who is IT with the county about the internet.

Women at the Range – Anita

  • Grant – 5k rounds of ammo
  • 2 Ruger Rifles
  • $450 for T-Shirts
  • June is full with 24 ladies and a waiting list

Andrea Jeter with 4H

  • Asked the gun club to sponsor 2 shooters to the Whittington Center shooting camp.
    • Week-long program
    • $1,200 each
  • Roger brought up that $1,100 was budgeted for the program
  • Mic brought up patriotism and the constitution
  • Motioned to approve both shooters, passed.
    • $2,400

Charles – calendar update

Anita – brought up new trainer vetting protocols – tabled for an executive meeting

Mike – asked for any other ideas

Roger – reported that pistol league was finishing up with a fun night that everyone was invited to.  3/30 from 3 pm to 6 pm

Adjourned @ 8:05

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

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