May 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 5/25/2021

The meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch @ 6:32 with the Pledge of Allegiance

There were 17 members present that introduced themselves.

Secretary Jenn Reynolds read the April minutes which were motioned and passed.

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the treasurer’s report which was motioned and passed (mid-meeting).  The ending balance for the month of May is $106,073.19

Outdoor Range Report:

  • Clean up trash and do various things. Need to get weeds sprayed, will become an issue especially if we get decent rain
  • Running smoothly

Indoor Range: We will need volunteers for the following improvements

  • Spray weeds
  • Paint
  • The igniter on the pilot in the furnace
  • Fan out in the meeting room
  • Have phone numbers to call
  • Can work on June 8/10 or after 20th of June
  • Crack in one wall that calking will fix
  • Need high-pressure washer to clean outside walls.

No Jr. Shooters Update

No John

  • Director of communications vote – approved
  • Can appoint for the first year to see if we need this position and will need to add to Bylaws to be a permanent position in the executive committee

Constantly looking for ways to improve the club

  • Women’s programs are increasing
  • Incidents of people being irresponsible have been witnessed at the outdoor range
  • Make outdoor range more secure
    • Bring in solar power – need to get permission from the state – state said they would approve anything we want to do, we need to let them know before we do it.
  • Watching money that membership pays and being good stewards of the club’s finances
    • Empire electric would be 25-35k to bring hard-line power to the outdoor range. This was discouraged by the uncertainties with the current outdoor range situation.
  • It has been noticed that lots of times the gate is not closed/locked either while members are at the range or after they have left.

Gun Show update

  • A volunteer suggested to do something different. Open to the public in the afternoon, not in the morning.  Do a VIP special:
    • 10-4 vendor set up open @ 5 on Friday currently and will move to 9-3 vendor set up and open @ 4 open for VIP ($10 to get exclusive access) – voted and approved
    • Change Sat 9-8 – voted and approved
    • No Sunday hours – can be used for vendor teardown
    • Will need to advertise new times/days to vendors and attendees
    • Approved to make changes
    • Vendors send in Jan – up to the day of the show
    • Will redesign flyer with time changes and VIP hours
  • Joe – Safety/training
    • Signed up 57 for RSO. Already trained 20 – better trained than anyone
      • Front Loaded members
      • Desire/Ability to teach
    • 300% of NRA required
    • Build Safety
    • Basic Safety Orientation (BSO)
      • Universal Gold Standard
      • Site Specific
        • Shotguns
        • Gate Policy
        • Keep brevity
        • Ammo
        • Caliber
      • Roger – Difference in weekend vs. weekday shooting etiquette
        • Weekday shooters
        • What do we do about guests?
      • Will decide on adding on site-specific stuff
      • Presenting a face in front of the community to show how vital the club is
        • Support from Sherriff’s Posse to do Active Shooter – Rick Evans
        • Homeland Security / EMT / Paramedic
      • Put in Crack Shot that RSO’s will be at the range?
    • Jenn motioned a vote to create BSO and make it mandatory for members to get outdoor range key – Approved
      • Roger is reticent because of no accident in 20 years of being a member.
      • Vandalism is very small and doesn’t see that it’s necessary
      • Gayel – live in a different world – needs to look at younger newer members that don’t know what they are doing.
      • Hunter Ed is online now
      • Roger only vote against –
      • Will wait till key swap to enact
      • Members in attendance have gone through BSO

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Next Club Meeting - Tues 1/30/24 @ Indoor Range @ 6:30 Sign up for gate orientation to get your key card

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