May 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 5/31/22

The meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:27 with the pledge of allegiance.

20 Members present

Club secretary Jenn Reynolds read March minutes – motioned and passed –

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the treasurer’s report – Ending Balance: 100,661.00 – motioned and passed

Budget correction.  Indoor range repair expenses and contingency fund edits.

Ron – (pre anything) – brought up compliance issues with the gun show.  Ron does background checks for Jr. Shooters and Ladies raffles for free.

Norm – Jr. Shooter – is on hold during summer, just getting ready for next season.

  • Last week was rough.
  • Members of Jr. Shooters – Wilson family – monetary donation towards funeral request. 9 children, dad died in an accident.
    • Motioned and passed – donate $500 towards family.
  • Full for next year.
  • Motioned and Passed

Anita – June 4 Women’s Shoot.  June 12th – women’s monthly shooters.  12:30 – Luann memorial picnic for those who miss out on service on the 4th.

Chuck Wark (through Mike Upchurch) – Clean up before the Women at the Range event.

Charles – Indoor Range – Calendar update.  Brandi CCW – motioned and passed

VP – wanted clarification on issues with KP Pawn

Roger – Luann – long-time member of the club, secretary for 4 years, WOT, Pistol League – passed the day she was retiring.  Services at the Elk Lodge @ 10 am.  Heart Attack

Minute of silence

Old – Roger – Comfort Inn.  $6960 – 1000 BTU units  -similar units of the same size.  Will turn in for grant.

Bear arms in the 2nd amendment – responsibility.

New – Gayle – next year’s gun show.  Dedicate to Luann in her memory??

Motion to name pistol range at the outdoor range after Luann.  Motioned and passed.

Anita – Training flow chart for new vetting system for trainers.  Go through forms, range use,

  • Will see if Gayel can provide a background check and fingerprint?

Adjourn in the memory of Luann Meyer – 7:29

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Next Club Meeting - Tues 1/30/24 @ Indoor Range @ 6:30 Sign up for gate orientation to get your key card

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