November 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 11/30/2021

The meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:29 pm with the pledge of allegiance

16 present

Secretary Jenn Reynolds read the October meeting minutes – Minutes motioned and passed

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented Treasurer’s Report – Ending balance 85,979.85 – motioned and passed

Audit – approach CPA about an audit of the books – cost is about $5k.

  • CPA suggested setting up a committee to review books once or twice a year.
  • Suggested Gayel and Kristine.
  • Mic agrees that we should discuss and that’s good business practices.
  • Anita volunteered to set up the process.
  • Gayel suggested 3 or 5 members of the committee because you want an odd number.  Jim Kingery suggested getting a person outside of the club.  Gayel knows a former bank president that might be a possibility (daughter).

Outdoor gate

  • So many people have congratulated
  • Run down of gate process

Jim Kingery

  • Nominations committee
  • Call for nominations for the executive committee

Ron Serabia – Hunter Sight In

  • See the handout from Ron
  • Suggested adding new spotting scopes
  • Suggested replacing outdoor range sign
  • Question – Jim. Supports
    • Blocks and 3 sandbags per bench
  • Gayel suggested using gun show money
  • Mic Moves to look into the sign and spotting club and spend the money to improve both.
    • Motioned and passed
  • CREA handles banners across main street –
    • Missed application for CREA to pay for banner – might have to pay for it ourselves.
  • Half a dozen members complained about the cost

Grant funding projects

  • New roof
  • Re-do bathrooms to have hot water in both bathrooms?
  • Retractable targets

Indoor Range

  • The roof and AC have been done. The fan in the heater has been fixed.

Gun Show

  • Different:
    • Friday will now open at 4-5 VIP $20 walkthrough. First 100 only.
    • 5-9 open to the public
    • Saturday 9-8
    • Sunday morning @ 8:00 am pack up and go home.
  • Aztec Lions club – gun show this coming weekend. (first weekend of Dec 2021)
  • Sent application to CREA for advertising – more advertising for VIP extra hours.
  • Orange hunter hat and swag bags (red white and blue)
  • Goes through Brand Central

Need to move to Wed and Thur for Christmas and NY – Jr. Shooter practice.

  • Members can come watch practice
  • Ron at RDF took another $100 off the raffle rifle

Jim Kingery – Hunter Sight in.

  • Thanks, Ron Serabia for taking it over!!

Reminder that there is no December Meeting

Adjourned 7:33

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Next Club Meeting - Tues 1/30/24 @ Indoor Range @ 6:30 Sign up for gate orientation to get your key card

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