October 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 10/26/2021

Meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:35 pm with the pledge of allegiance

There were 11 members present

Secretary Jenn Reynolds read the September meeting minutes – Minutes motioned and passed

~Backup Signatory (4th signature) revisit. Ask Jim Kingery to be emergency backup.  Alternative would be to have 1 person pre-sign a few checks.  Going to try pre-sign checks before going through the process of possibly changing the by-laws.

Treasurer’s Report – See handout – Ending balance is $87,350.39 – Motioned and Passed

  • A question about raffle license – must spend money on Jr. Shooters or Women’s programs within a year of the raffle.
  • Question on the main account balance.  Only report the top 2 expenses and income.

Jr. Shooter – Tim on Thursday, Kelly Belt on Friday.  Getting ready to start.  17 returning kids, 3 new kids.

  • Safety class on Saturday.  Starting on the 5th of November (new shooters).  The 4th and 5th are the first nights, through the first part of May.
  • Depends on Grand Junction – borrows range time from DOW.  Will have 20 kids – 15 kids on the waiting list.
  • Raffle rifle for next raffle – browning tbolt target rifle mahogany stock, scope – $922.95 – will do transfer and fees for free (RDF). *Motioned and passed.
  • Rotory, Kiwanas and Elks want to help out program. Up to the club if we want to do that.  Discussion of any downsides – can’t think of any and none have been presented. Motioned and passed.
  • Question about training to take over for Norm eventually.
    • RSO
    • Level 1 Rifle
  • Grant through the NRA – Friends of the NRA – 22k rounds of .22., Jr. Rifle, Spotting scopes, targets. Waiting to hear if we get the grant.
  • Requested 2 More shooting mats – apx $300 total. 2 offhand shooting stands – apx $300.  Total of $600 for all 4 items.  Kids are committed to the program.  Motioned and passed.
  • Kennedy custom cabinet – building storage units on wheels.  Bought a toolbox for gun cleaning.  Next meeting – should be able to show members the new organization.

New Outdoor Range Key

  • Rodney Cox volunteers to dig out dirt to give more of leeway for snow. Clearance is apx 4 inches.  Larry – gravel.  ¾ gravel screened.
  • Donate keys so we don’t need to buy any.

Hunter Site in

  • 38 shooters. $10/riffle.  Ron Serabia ran it.  9-4 volunteers.

Roger Lawrence

  • Grant situation – Most grants require a list of projects and how much they cost. Need to come up with a shopping list and prioritize them.
    • Pistol league – automatic target retrieval system. Pave the road coming in.  Paint the building, look at the roof, Internet at the outdoor range, cameras
    • Request for project funding requests
  • NRA grants have different categories.
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation has tons of grants and lots of money to give.
  • Colorado Shooters Assoc might have ideas or grants.

Benchrest .22 Ammo

  • 5-9 members shoot the competition. Once a month from May through September.
  • Email from Gary Kyle requesting ammo. The entrance fee would be increased to $15.
  • Larry thinks that it will level the playing field.
  • Joe read Mic’s email – discussed the ammo + gun issue.
  • Alternative solutions??
  • Asking for money to try to get a case of ammo. Will reimburse the club over time.
  • Motioned, seconded, passed.

3rd quarter rifle report has been filed with the state.

Revisit looking for land

Adjourn @ 7:51

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Next Club Meeting - Tues 1/30/24 @ Indoor Range @ 6:30 Sign up for gate orientation to get your key card

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