September 1, 2020: Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting of the Executive Committee – Four Corners Pistol Rifle Club 9/1/2020

The Meeting was brought to order by President Joe Butterfield @ 6:31pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Committee Members Present:

  • President – Joe Butterfield
  • Vice President – Mike Upchurch via phone
  • Treasurer – Anita Mayhew
  • Secretary – Jenn Reynolds
  • Indoor Range Officer – Jim Kingery
  • Shooter Director – Norm Bowie
  • Outdoor Range Officer – Chuck Wark
  • Directors
    • John McHenry
    • Earl Moore
    • Mic McPhearson

Susa Kelly for the Crackshot

3 regular members present



Recently an individual who lives approximately 1.5 – 2 miles behind the 300 yard range experienced a stray bullet, which shows evidence of having ricocheted off of something, land approximately 30 feet away from him while he was in his back yard.  There is no proof that the round came from the Outdoor Range, but has lent itself as the impetus to having a conversation on how we, as a club, can address outdoor range safety, and ensure that all of our members are practicing respectful and responsible range safety techniques.

Theorized ways this could happen:

  • Muzzle of firearm was too high and shot over the 300 yd. berm
  • Shooter was aiming at a ground target which caused a ricochet over the 300 yd. berm
  • Shooter was using a metal target, which was misaligned which caused a ricochet over the 300 yd berm




Proposed Ideas and Actions:

  • Add signage with messaging on correct muzzle discipline
    • Was decided by the executive committee to not be the most effective use of resources to relay the messaging to the general club membership.
  • Targets placed on back berms
    • Executive committee decided that targets would be allowed on the back berms if they remained below the height of existing paper target frames.
    • Jim Kingery volunteered to research how to add a visual delineation on each back berm at the Outdoor Range to indicate No Shoot zones and will present to the general membership at the next meeting for a vote.
  • Eliminate the use of ground targets
    • As per the existing Outdoor Range SOP, it was decided that ground targets will still not be allowed at the outdoor range.
    • Definition of ground targets is any target placed on the ground between the firing line and the back berms.
    • If shooters want to use targets other than paper targets attached to provided paper target frames, then they must place them on the back berms within newly defined restrictions.
  • Range Observers
    • Volunteers that would be willing to be present at outdoor range during busy times to ensure that shooters are practicing range safety techniques.
    • It was decided that this would be an unrealistic way to address range safety.
  • Outdoor Range Orientation for new and existing members
    • Members can attend an Outdoor Range Orientation to go over the different ranges present as well as learn about SOPs and range safety expectations for each range.
    • It was decided that this is a priority project for the club and needs to be pursued.
    • John McHenry volunteered to collect a list of members that would be willing to provide orientations.
    • Jenn Reynolds will work on most efficient way to schedule orientations.
  • New Member Mentor Program
    • New Member Mentors would be available to help new members get oriented to the club and the club’s expectations in the hopes that this will facilitate new members feeling more welcome in the larger 4CRP family and be more active.
    • With some mixed reception, it was decided that this is a worthwhile project to pursue further to see if it will work.
    • John McHenry volunteered to collect a list of members that would be willing to be mentors to new members
    • Jenn Reynolds will work on most efficient way to assign mentors
  • Outdoor Range Handbook
    • Handbook that contains information included in Outdoor Range Orientation.
    • Will be physically mailed to all members upon renewal starting March 2021
    • Will be physically mailed to new members upon joining starting March 2022
    • Information in handbook will be condensed into a short form which will be added to the Membership Application and must be acknowledged and signed before receiving key to outdoor range.
    • Mic McPherson agreed to author the Outdoor Range Handbook
    • Jenn Reynolds will modify the membership application
  • Battery operated motion sensor, internet capable trail cams
    • Trail cams would be strategically placed throughout the outdoor range to capture video that can be used in case an emergency or an act of vandalism takes place.
    • Cams would be connected to the internet and stream video to be captured in cloud storage and can be viewed in real time
    • It was decided that this would be a worthwhile project to pursue and research.
    • Mic McPherson and Earl Moore agreed to research placement and price to bring to general membership for a vote.
  • Range Sign-In Sheet
    • A sheet that would be placed at the Outdoor Range that members use to sign in to track usage and caliber of ammunition used.
    • Was decided that this is not a worthwhile project as it would be unenforceable, and most members would refuse to use it.

Accountability and Enforcement

  • It was decided that once safety measures are in place that members who are found to be violating safety procedures could face disciplinary measures that can include:
    • Re-education on safety measures
    • Expulsion from the club
    • Banned from the club
    • Prosecution

Items that will be proposed to membership during September meeting

  • Handbook and safety short form that will be added to application
  • Berm Delineation
  • Orientation and Mentorship Program
  • Trailcams

Meeting was adjourned at 7:46pm

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Next Club Meeting - Tues 1/30/24 @ Indoor Range @ 6:30 Sign up for gate orientation to get your key card

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