September 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Pistol Rifle Club 9/28/2020

Meet and Greet with Jr. Shooters: 6:20 – 6:52

The Meeting was brought to order by President Joe Butterfield @ 6:54pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 18 members present.


Anita presented the treasurers report which was motioned and passed.  Ending club balance for the month of September 2020 is $87,092.38


Old Business

  • Gun Show: August 14,15,16
    • Next Gun show in April
    • May not need to purchase new insurance for April event
    • Sherriff donated deputies
    • Had to pay for Posse
    • Ended with 2684 attendees
  • Mike – Nothing to report
  • Membership – Currently have 443 members
  • Indoor Range – Jim
    • Brought in a plumber to work on bathrooms. Fixed toilet and faucets in Women’s bathroom.
    • Need to order propane for winter – getting low.
  • Outdoor Range – John for Chuck
    • Range looks ok
    • Jim saw evidence of a line of shotgun shooters – wooden target frames shot (see new business)
  • Shooters – Norm
    • Will start on the 9th
    • 3 new shooters this year
  • John McHenry – Nothing new to report
  • Mic McPherson – Nothing new to report
  • Earl – Director
    • Updating flag at outdoor range. Ordering new flag, ropes and hooks
  • Crackshot – Susa Kelly – Nothing new to report

New Business

  • US Lawshield
    • Concealed carry insurance
    • Hosts a gunshot wound class that several members have taken in the past
    • Question of if The Club should act as a facilitator
      • $30/head to be a facilitator
      • Earl commented that there doesn’t seem to be a downside to doing this
      • Joe will do more research and report back.
    • Outdoor Range issues – Jim Kingery
      • Found during the centerfire benchrest competition – a line of shotgun shells at the rifle range, as well as wooden target frames being shot up with shotguns.
      • Looks like it could be law enforcement. Types of rounds used consistent with practice towards qualifying for shotgun.
      • The issues is the destruction of wooden target frames
      • Agencies that may have keys are Mancos Marshal and Montezuma County Sherriff
      • Will discuss at next meeting the idea of banning unsupervised shotgun use.
    • Joe Butterfield has asked Jim Kingery to head the nominating committee for next election at the end of February
      • Joe Butterfield and Jim Kingery are not running for re-election
    • Hunter Site In
      • Concerns about out of town hunters coming in and spreading Covid.
      • Earl has decided not to run, and volunteers have backed out.
      • Decided we could run with 2 RSO’s and 1 at the gate to take money
      • Joe has volunteered to coordinate and has list of volunteers


Report on Executive Committee Meeting – Outdoor Range Safety

  • Joe presented a synopsis of the Executive Meeting from 9/1/2020
  • Jim reported on demarcation of berms for ground targets
    • 100 yd – top of wooden target frame is 1.5” below top of berm
      • If shooting at 25yds, the top of the frame is above the 100yd berm
    • 200 yd – top of wooden target frame is 1ft. below top of berm
    • 300 yd – Rock outcrop starts approximately half-way to the top of the hill
    • Best method would be orange fiber insulator cable w/ cable tensioner or Orange barrier fencing on the 300 yd.
    • Jim doesn’t feel that having demarcations for the 100yd or 200 yd is necessary.
    • Mic brought up that the biggest problem area is on the 300 yd. range. From approximately 250 – 300 yards the ground is hard rock which can cause ricochet above the 300 berm.  Recommends getting peat gravel to place on the ground to better stop bullets.
      • Getting estimate on approximately 10,000 sq. feet
    • Mic read new range rules that will be added to the application.
      • Joe emailed them out for review and will be finalized next meeting
    • John reported on the proposed New Member Orientation and Personal Contact programs
      • Will work out a schedule for Orientation, as well as a method for assigning new members a personal contact.
      • Jenn will research cost of signature confirmation or proof of delivery for mailing keys, handbook, membership card.
    • Mic reported on proposed security cameras
      • Research in progress. Working with a company that does security for shooting ranges
      • Current specs for cameras are motion sensor, will upload to the cloud. Each camera will have a camera looking at it to prevent / capture vandalism.
      • Need to have source of power
        • Most expensive – Solar panels
        • Option of Generator w/ battery storage
      • Jenn reported on Keyless entry options

Keyless Entry – Outdoor Range

Things to consider:

  • Power Supply:
    • Electrical – John is getting quote from Empire Electric
    • Solar – Cost prohibitive?
    • Generator w/ Battery supply – Mic is looking into this for Cameras
  • Credentials:
    • Keypad with code
    • Proxcard – bit frequency
    • Dual Credentials – both Keypad and proxcard – ultimate security
    • Bluetooth/NFC – Smart device or Fob
  • Current gate structure and changes:

Options – going on the assumption of no access to electricity:

  • Keyless padlock with audit trail capabilities (Ken Geiger)
    • This would be an alternative padlock that would require a smartphone device or NFC fob to open as opposed to a key.
    • PROS:
      • Least amount of infrastructure changes
      • Cost: $70/lock; $4.50/fob
      • Audit trail
      • Add and delete users via App
      • Will not have to rekey the range if needed (approximate cost – $4000)
    • Cons:
      • Requires Bluetooth or NFC app – need a smartphone or other capable device to download app – unless they have a fob
      • Needs to be recharged via USB every 7000 uses
      • Will not track every user unless gate is locked after entry
      • Does it need wifi?
      • Monthly subscription for software might be required – need to see how many users are able to use it.
    • Alternative Uses:
      • Supply Sheds?
    • Keyless Entry Lock (Kendrick – Gateway Locks)
      • This would require reconstructing the main gate for a standard door lock device. Options are a cylindrical lock, a mortis lock, or an exit device lock.  There would be a stand-alone device that would be able to be programmed with a handheld device that can be programmed from home.  3 credentialing options depending on how secure we want the gate to be.  We would need to add stability to the gate, add a mounting device/strike plate for both sides, and potentially steel mesh to prevent non-members from reaching through to activate the exit handle.
      • Pros:
        • More secure than padlock option
        • Dual credentialing would prevent non-members from stealing card/stealing code from members. Must have both to open the gate.
        • Can have up to 2000 active users and a 40,000-use audit trail
        • Can set up time restrictions (day) and expiration dates (users)
        • Key Override for emergency personnel
        • Will not have to rekey the range if needed (approximate cost – $4000)
        • Least amount of reliance on tech (wifi)
        • Batteries changed 2x/year – 5AA batteries
      • Cons:
        • Infrastructure Change
        • Cost: (All approximate and depends on locking device used)
          • Locking Device: $2000
          • Exit Device (if used): $1600
          • Handheld Module: $500
          • Cord for Handheld module + Software = $200
          • Spare Cord = $200
          • Proxcards = $5/card (high estimate)
        • Will have to go out to range to transfer new programming to keypad
      • Was decided that more research is needed on programs.

Motion brought and passed to adjourned @ 8:51 pm

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

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