September 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club 9/27/22

Meeting was brought to order by President Mike Upchurch at 6:27 with the pledge of allegiance.

21 Members present:

Introduce new members – Lance Martini; Robert Mansell

Roger Lawrence (out of order – going to city council): Got NRA grant of 3,480 to replace heaters.

  • Indoor pistol league – 2 weeks at the beginning and at the end
    • Practice: Oct 26 3-6, Oct 29, 9-11
    • Qualify Nov 2
    • Start 11/9
    • $25/$40
    • $2 targets
    • Hats – $420.22 for 24 hats. Motioned and passed.
    • Sat 10/8 to replace cardboard @ 9:00am till done

Club secretary Jenn Reynolds read July minutes – motioned and passed

  • Anita added Reflections in Metal wants an ad on the website – and donated $500.

Treasurer Anita Mayhew presented the treasurer’s report – Ending Balance for August: $99,123.33 – motioned and passed.  Ending Balance for September: $98,391.34 – motioned and passed.

Charles Thompson – Painting the outside of the building.

  • Need pressure washing and scraped.
  • Paint a couple of days later.
  • October 5th for the first day. @ 9:00
  • October 8th at 9:00 am till done painting


  • 3rd or 10th of November for the start of Jr Shooter
  • Plenty of ammunition
  • Finalize NRA grant (old) and start to look at new
  • 25k rounds (what it takes to get through the season)
  • Need $500 approved to buy sites for new rifle motioned and passed.


  • District Wildlife Manager for SW Colorado
  • 2 days a year in August. Shoot for training and shooting
  • Motioned and passed

Ron Serabia – Hunter Sight In

  • See flyer for dates
  • Passed around sheet for volunteers
  • 3 spotting scopes – new.
  • Mic – Whoever is running the cash box – can ask for donations for Jr. Shooters / Club?

Mike Upchurch – Lead reclamation?

  • New lease coming up
  • Contacted MT2 for a quote for lead reclamation
    • Will share profits 50/50
  • Mic suggested Indoor range lead as well.

Gayle – Gun Show.

  • Travis with KP Pawn.
    • Read prepared speech
      • Thank Gayle and Board
      • 2nd amendment – quote
      • Want to support the club
      • Support range and purpose.
      • Thank Gayle again – respect where she is coming from
      • Restate common goal – 2nd amendment again
      • Wants to stay a part of the gun show.
    • Curtis reminded about the insurance policy
    • Anita reminded that we back Gayle in her decisions about the show
    • Norm – gun show is fragile because of insurance. Can’t jeopardize the gun show.
    • Mike – Insurance.
      • Not only on the gun show, but on the club as well.
      • Appreciate Travis coming to talk to the club.
      • Ask Gayle about next steps.
    • Gayle
      • Tom and her had a conversation
      • Explain the difference between a business owner and gun show runner – regulations and state statutes.
        • CBI is heavily involved in the process.
      • Other gun shows are losing insurance while we’ve been able to keep it.
      • Re-doing application and information packets about why we need to be strict about rules.
      • Reminded about FFL requirements for the gun show.
        • Reminded about infringements in the past.
      • Norm
        • Was discussed stopping gun show – then Gayle came on board and increased attendance.
      • Gayle
        • Reminded that this has been an ongoing issue.
      • Thanked for coming tonight.

Short barreled rifle

  • Pistols with wrist brace info – and change in regulations with being recategorized as a short-barreled rifle.

Adjourned 7:35 pm

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

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